I liked the beginning and the end – I flipped through the middle because that was the part where both characters are letting each other go even tho they don’t want to and so a lot of boo hoo hoo. I just couldn’t read through all that. But, I liked the story in general about a regular girl meeting a rock star who falls for her.

This is part of a series and I do want to read #2. It is currently in my library queue.

I found Killian drunk and sprawled out on my lawn like some lost prince. With the face of a god and the arrogance to match, the pest won’t leave. Sexy, charming, and just a little bit dirty, he’s slowly wearing me down, making me crave more.

He could be mine if I dare to claim him. Problem is, the world thinks he’s theirs. How do you keep an idol when everyone is intent on taking him away?

First published June 7, 2016

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